Interactive Whiteboard in India

Interactive Whiteboard has initiated a revolution in India. Digitization has proven that teaching and learning is not a one way process, instead it is an interaction between a teacher and a student. Now, up-gradation is a mandate for educational institutes to follow. Whether by force or by choice, institutions are turning into smart institutions. In the process of transformation, interactive whiteboard plays vital role. It is the key device that equips a classroom with powerful tools like intelligent pen, media tool, highlighters, smart shapes, demonstration tools, eraser tools, recording tools, etc.
Interactive Whiteboard in India is popular because-
– It says NO to Chalk Dust
– It gives free access to Internet – World Wide Web
– It says YES to Images and Videos
– It enables teachers and students to annotate on images and running videos
– It allows instructors to save lectures and reproduce them multiple times.

You won’t find a reason to null the importance of interactive whiteboard. It is an integral smart class equipment that is shaping the future of education system in India.

Infralab has been developing smart classrooms since 2009. It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we have developed nearly 150 Govt. Colleges in India. Besides, we are associated with many other private institutes (colleges/schools). Many of our clients always wish to see our interactive whiteboards before purchasing. For them, we have developed a demonstration video of interactive whiteboard. This video gives insights about various features and tools of smart device.

Watch Demonstration Video of Interactive Whiteboard in India -

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What is the purpose of Visual Presenter?

This post is for all those teachers who have been searching to understand the purpose of a visual presenter in the classroom.
Answer is simple – Demonstrate and Teach

Students can absorb more from lectures if teachers teach lessons through real demonstration . And, it is possible through visual presenter.

If you want to learn “HOW” , then please watch the following presentation.


Visual Presenter

More presentations from Tanya Prasher

Smart Classroom FAQ

Covering PAN India, We have transformed nearly 1000 schools into digital institutes. While delivering high end smart solutions to them, we had come across many questions  like:
Why do we need interactive whiteboards at the place of simple black boards? What is the utility of a visual presenter in a classroom? Which resolution projector should be used? Can we use a simple portable speaker cube or a pa podium? Why digital podium And, many such questions.

At our level we had cleared each doubt for our clients. And, for  prospective clients we would like to share this presentation so that they can get answers to similar queries.

Hope this presentation has helped you understand the basic utilities of smart classroom equipment.


Visual Presenter Componenets Video

Hello Friends,

Warm greetings from Infralab. Thanks for showing your interest in our hot selling product visual presenter. We have added a video on Youtube to help our viewers understand more about Model – VPP350, i.e. Gooseneck document camera. Follow the following link to watch the complete video. And, don’t forget to subscribe the channel if you find it useful and resourceful. Thanks!

Watch Visual Presenter Video here:

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Infralab’s Public Addressing Podium – POWER PODIUM

Public Addressing Podium / PA Podium makes your voice audible. We have shared a  video on Youtube  that demonstrates Infralab’s Model POWER PODIUM focusing on its key features.

Watch the video here:  

Learn About the Specifications of Infralab’s Power  PA Podium:


Infralab’s PA Podium Model – POWER PODIUM

1) Goose Neck MIC / Collar MIC
2) Speakers
3) Sturdy Body
4) Sound Clarity & Reach
5) User Friendly

POWER  PODIUM Specifications:  

– Power Consumption 100W Power Supply ~230V/50Hz/~110V/60Hz
– Frequency Response 100Hz~16000Hz Rated Power 60W
– Inputs MIC1: -50dB ±2dB/680Ω
MIC2: -55dB±2dB/600Ω
Wireless MIC: -20dB + 2dB/50
AUX: -20dB ±2dB/10K Ω
– Output 1V/0dB
– Tone Controls:  Bass: ±10dB / Treble ±10dB Range 15-50m
– Dimensions:  580 (L) X 420 (W) X 1100 (H) mm Weight 29 Kg
– More Specification
1. One Gooseneck MIC & One lamp
2. 60W Rated Power Output
3. Aux Input, 2 MIC Inputs
4. Line Output & 1 REC Output

Infralab has engineered Power PA Podium with built-in PA system to address the alarming rate of vocal disorders among teachers / presenters.  Besides Power Podium, we also offer digital podium, interactive whiteboards, projectors, projection screens and visual presenters. To know more, please visit For inquiries, drop your mail at or call on +91-9813232101.

Public Addressing Podium Can Make a Difference in Classrooms

Firstly it is important to understand what is a public addressing podium exactly…

In a very simple term “podium” means a stand/dais/stage that is used by speakers to voice opinions/views for a short distance. Public Addressing Podium has same criterion, but with some advancement of technology. The P A podium helps the presenter to vocalize for each and every audience with clarity. These podiums have inbuilt amplifier which increases the sound, speaker and condenser microphone for the speaker and wireless handled microphone one for the speaker, if the speaker wants to speak by leaving the podium and another for the audience so the audience can interact with the speaker. There is one more equipment attached to the podium is an LED Flexible lamp for the clear visibility of the contents written on the paper on which presenter is vocalizing. All these audio equipments make the power of speech audible.

PA Podium_Smart Classroom Equipment

Public Addressing Podium

Most of the regular podiums do not entail such features; it rather performs as a stand to the speaker. The audio equipment will be arranged separately, but the sound quality will not be good. Student often complains about the distortion of sound. The PA podium is rather versatile here one does not need to speak forcefully. What is all required soft utterance which ultimately upkeep the energy level of the presenter/speaker.

This Power Podium has suitability for conference hall, corporate training, auditorium, seminar hall and classroom. There is no problem of getting tired, abruptive and low voice pitch, if a presenter is supposed to speak for long duration. The audience will not get bored and unmoved by the speech. Even, they will tend to show more interest by the voice quality. Hence, the purpose of the speaker will be served in an effective manner and the interest of the audience will be met exactly.

Have a quick look at some features of the PA Podium:-

  • No need to be forceful while vocalizing
  • Hassle Free product
  • Speak at ease mode
  • Meticulous and Sturdy design
  • Consists amplifier, speakers and microphone
  • Height alterable prototype
  • Gives the commanding power of speech
Public Addressing Podium_India

Put an end to vocal stress using PA Podium












Good voice pitch can stir the mind of an inattentive listener and even persuades to hear the presentation/speech. This is one-sided conversation where the speaker wants to express in words to the audience. In case, if the queries come out from the audience side, then we can provide them wireless microphone. The presenter will not get hard time while taking up queries from the audience side. Hence, we are able to hear both sides of the conversation.

Public addressing podium is quite manageable to use. It can be taken from one spot to another effortlessly. It comes in wooden or metal form in modern designs. Mostly, wooden podiums are provided in schools, colleges, universities, conference rooms and auditoriums. It provides options and suitability to select as per the requirement of the venue.


Stay Energetic Using PA Podium

Let’s have a glance at its benefits:-

  • Teachers and classrooms are accessorized with the public addressing system impressively.
  • Creates interest among students and the presenter as well.
  • Fosters two- sided communication.
  • Fair price product
  • No upkeep cost
  • One-time installation

Infralab provides state of the art podiums to fit-in the needs of clients. Besides public addressing podium, our range includes digital podium. In order to know prices and specifications, please call at +91-9813232101 or drop a mail at



Technology in Teaching

Smart Classroom Equipments for Digital Teaching & Learnng from Anuj Prasher


  • 1. How to keep students wide awake & attentive in the classroom? TECHNOLOGY has answer: SMART CLASSROOMS
  • 2. Before taking the final call to the question….. Let’s study a few backdrops of traditional classrooms.
    – Poor Teacher’s Voice Audibility.
    -Teachers face blackboard and show back to students.
    -Maximum interaction with chalk and duster instead of students.
    -Once rubbed, all class notes are dead.
    -Referring book content is difficult.
    -Explaining experiments or 3D dimensional objects is a challenging task.
    -Visibility till the last bench is doubtful.
    -Delivering uniform lectures is not possible.
  • 3. As a result, students
  • 4. Teaching & Learning Experience becomes… but, don’t worry…….
  • 5. TECHNOLOGY is … LIFE LINE The Innovation. Smart Classrooms
  • 6. , How do they look like?
  • 7. First, get familiar with the components of a smart classroom: • Interactive Whiteboard • Visual Presenter /Document Camera• Projector • MIC • Speakers • Digital Podium
  • 8. Interactive Whiteboard: It is a replacement of traditional blackboard that writes with your finger instead of chalk. Runs with power supply; it has advanced software that facilitates “internet connectivity” , “library of geometric figures and general diagrams”, “annotation features”, “USB ports to connect with external devices”, “ save and share notes” and “record session” features . It comes in three technologies: INFRARED, OPTICAL & ELECTROMAGNETIC
  • 9. Visual Presenter: It is also called document camera; it enables instructors / teachers to share book content or real objects (2D or 3D) with all students in the classroom. Visual Presenter captures everything placed on its smooth surface and displays it on the projection screen or interactive whiteboard. The projected larger image helps connect teacher and student to the lesson more precisely and specifically. It has three variants: DESKTOP, GOOSENECK & PORTABLE
  • 10. PROJECTOR It is an equipment that transforms a small resolution signal into a high resolution projection through laser light. It has high lumens bulb that throws high intensity light on interactive whiteboard or projection screen for bright and big content (text, images or video). The device has buttons to adjust brightness as well as projection dimensions. This is must to have in a smart classroom. Many Brands are available like: BENQ, SHARP, SONY, DELL, Etc.
  • 11. Public Addressing System (MIC & Speakers) Isn’t it hard for teachers as well as students to reach and listen, respectively. It takes a lot of effort! MIC enables teachers to reach out even the last bench without stressing the vocal cords. Speakers enable students to listen to lectures attentively without any distraction from exteriors.
  • 12. DIGITAL PODIUM:  It is an advanced smart classroom equipment that integrates all the previous-mentioned hardware devices into one enclosure –podium. Digital Podium has a touch panel (which is a mini interactive board), whatever instructors write on it gets projected on projection screen. It has fixed visual presenter for teachers to refer real time content instantly. It has integrated public addressing system (amplifier, MIC and speakers) for quality sound effects. With this instructors can: Record, Save & Reproduce Lectures Preferred Brand: Infralab
  • 13. Gadgets are zero without human’s 100 % contribution What makes Smart Classroom concept successful and ensure 100% interaction between teacher & students? Equipments or Something else… let’s see..
  • 14. Q1: What if teacher does not know how to use computer?
  • 15. Q2: What if teacher is unfamiliar with internet?
  • 16. Q3: What if teacher does not have digital coursework content?
  • 17. Q4: What if teacher is resistant/lazy to practice technology?
  • 18. Q5: What if teacher does not know how to operate smart classroom equipments?
  • 19. This is reality! Smart Classrooms are a show-business for institutes to sell maximum seats. TEACHERS don’t get official training to use interactive whiteboards, visual presenters and digital podiums. Smart Classroom Equipments are just hanged on walls to brag about, but not to use.
  • 20. #TRAINING #Enforcement through mandate #Perfect Installation & Demonstration are the easy solutions to meet the challenges of implementing technology in education system.
  • 21. Let’s step together towards technology driven education system for more interactive teaching and more awake learning! To know more, please log onto

Direct importers & Manufacturers of Smart Classroom Equipments

Smart classroom equipment has been changing the face of today’s classrooms. Way different from the traditional learning methods, these equipment facilitate a better learning environment where every member of the audience collaborates for an organized experience. While the teacher gets a more authoritative platform to talk from, every student is well taken care of. Smart classroom equipment are modern ways to engage students in an attention grabbing information exchange and facilitate easy alternative to complicated research / study procedures.

optical whiteboard

Infralab has the largest collection smart classroom equipment for turnkey solutions. The company is the direct importer of interactive whiteboards & visual presenters and also manufacturers customize products of its own. We have been the leading suppliers of smart classroom equipment to the most prestigious schools and institutions in India and continue to lead the industry with our highly innovative products and cutting edge solutions.


Coming to our products, Infralab is the largest importer of electromagnetic and infrared interactive whiteboards. If you are looking for optical whiteboards, well, we manufacture them ourselves. Interactive whiteboards have had a great impact in the way teaching and board room presentations were done. Using the latest technology, you can actually interact with the elements on a more personal effect. Interactive whiteboards are both fun tools to use and facilitate serious learning experience.

Coupled with visual presenters, interactive whiteboard learning can take a whole new turn with Infralab. Our visual presenters are built upon technology that ensures that even the most boring of subject matter can be treated as an interesting presentation. Further, with adaptation like microscope and other complicated viewing devices with visual presenters, learning is not the same as it was a couple of years back. Our products are the best in the market and are being used by many prestigious venues.


The third popular product from our inventory is digital podiums that have been changed the way presentations and seminars are conducted. Our customizable products doesn’t just give the presenter and authoritative platform to stand upon but also accompanies a range of tools that helps make the presentation interesting and eye grabbing. We are the largest manufacturers of digital podiums in India and can create a product suiting suits your specific needs.


Infralab has been operating in the Indian subcontinent for more than a decade now and has extended its services to majority of Indian states including Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Rajasthan and many more. Our products are frequently being exported to neighboring countries like Nepal, Burma, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Customer service has always been an integral part of our product offerings. While we have always been able to maintain the best quality of product, our after sales service and training guarantees that all customers will have ‘zero’ option for any kind of complaints. We understand that this is an important industry we are serving and ensure that no compromise is ever done upon the quality of product. At the same time customers can expect very economical pricing suiting to a vast range of smart classroom solutions.