Direct importers & Manufacturers of Smart Classroom Equipments

Smart classroom equipment has been changing the face of today’s classrooms. Way different from the traditional learning methods, these equipment facilitate a better learning environment where every member of the audience collaborates for an organized experience. While the teacher gets a more authoritative platform to talk from, every student is well taken care of. Smart classroom equipment are modern ways to engage students in an attention grabbing information exchange and facilitate easy alternative to complicated research / study procedures.

optical whiteboard

Infralab has the largest collection smart classroom equipment for turnkey solutions. The company is the direct importer of interactive whiteboards & visual presenters and also manufacturers customize products of its own. We have been the leading suppliers of smart classroom equipment to the most prestigious schools and institutions in India and continue to lead the industry with our highly innovative products and cutting edge solutions.


Coming to our products, Infralab is the largest importer of electromagnetic and infrared interactive whiteboards. If you are looking for optical whiteboards, well, we manufacture them ourselves. Interactive whiteboards have had a great impact in the way teaching and board room presentations were done. Using the latest technology, you can actually interact with the elements on a more personal effect. Interactive whiteboards are both fun tools to use and facilitate serious learning experience.

Coupled with visual presenters, interactive whiteboard learning can take a whole new turn with Infralab. Our visual presenters are built upon technology that ensures that even the most boring of subject matter can be treated as an interesting presentation. Further, with adaptation like microscope and other complicated viewing devices with visual presenters, learning is not the same as it was a couple of years back. Our products are the best in the market and are being used by many prestigious venues.


The third popular product from our inventory is digital podiums that have been changed the way presentations and seminars are conducted. Our customizable products doesn’t just give the presenter and authoritative platform to stand upon but also accompanies a range of tools that helps make the presentation interesting and eye grabbing. We are the largest manufacturers of digital podiums in India and can create a product suiting suits your specific needs.


Infralab has been operating in the Indian subcontinent for more than a decade now and has extended its services to majority of Indian states including Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Rajasthan and many more. Our products are frequently being exported to neighboring countries like Nepal, Burma, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Customer service has always been an integral part of our product offerings. While we have always been able to maintain the best quality of product, our after sales service and training guarantees that all customers will have ‘zero’ option for any kind of complaints. We understand that this is an important industry we are serving and ensure that no compromise is ever done upon the quality of product. At the same time customers can expect very economical pricing suiting to a vast range of smart classroom solutions.

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