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Infralab’s Public Addressing Podium – POWER PODIUM

Public Addressing Podium / PA Podium makes your voice audible. We have shared a  video on Youtube  that demonstrates Infralab’s Model POWER PODIUM focusing on its key features.

Watch the video here:  

Learn About the Specifications of Infralab’s Power  PA Podium:


Infralab’s PA Podium Model – POWER PODIUM

1) Goose Neck MIC / Collar MIC
2) Speakers
3) Sturdy Body
4) Sound Clarity & Reach
5) User Friendly

POWER  PODIUM Specifications:  

– Power Consumption 100W Power Supply ~230V/50Hz/~110V/60Hz
– Frequency Response 100Hz~16000Hz Rated Power 60W
– Inputs MIC1: -50dB ±2dB/680Ω
MIC2: -55dB±2dB/600Ω
Wireless MIC: -20dB + 2dB/50
AUX: -20dB ±2dB/10K Ω
– Output 1V/0dB
– Tone Controls:  Bass: ±10dB / Treble ±10dB Range 15-50m
– Dimensions:  580 (L) X 420 (W) X 1100 (H) mm Weight 29 Kg
– More Specification
1. One Gooseneck MIC & One lamp
2. 60W Rated Power Output
3. Aux Input, 2 MIC Inputs
4. Line Output & 1 REC Output

Infralab has engineered Power PA Podium with built-in PA system to address the alarming rate of vocal disorders among teachers / presenters.  Besides Power Podium, we also offer digital podium, interactive whiteboards, projectors, projection screens and visual presenters. To know more, please visit www.smartclassroomindia.com. For inquiries, drop your mail at infralabindia@gmail.com or call on +91-9813232101.