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Interactive Whiteboard in India

Interactive Whiteboard has initiated a revolution in India. Digitization has proven that teaching and learning is not a one way process, instead it is an interaction between a teacher and a student. Now, up-gradation is a mandate for educational institutes to follow. Whether by force or by choice, institutions are turning into smart institutions. In the process of transformation, interactive whiteboard plays vital role. It is the key device that equips a classroom with powerful tools like intelligent pen, media tool, highlighters, smart shapes, demonstration tools, eraser tools, recording tools, etc.
Interactive Whiteboard in India is popular because-
– It says NO to Chalk Dust
– It gives free access to Internet – World Wide Web
– It says YES to Images and Videos
– It enables teachers and students to annotate on images and running videos
– It allows instructors to save lectures and reproduce them multiple times.

You won’t find a reason to null the importance of interactive whiteboard. It is an integral smart class equipment that is shaping the future of education system in India.

Infralab has been developing smart classrooms since 2009. It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we have developed nearly 150 Govt. Colleges in India. Besides, we are associated with many other private institutes (colleges/schools). Many of our clients always wish to see our interactive whiteboards before purchasing. For them, we have developed a demonstration video of interactive whiteboard. This video gives insights about various features and tools of smart device.

Watch Demonstration Video of Interactive Whiteboard in India -

If you are an education institute based in India and you wish to buy interactive whiteboard, please contact us on our email id – infralabindia@gmail.com, smartclassroomindia@gmail.com or info@smartclassroomindia.com. Also, you can give us a call on 0171-4006142. Feel free to contact us in case of any query!