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Infralab’s Public Addressing Podium – POWER PODIUM

Public Addressing Podium / PA Podium makes your voice audible. We have shared a  video on Youtube  that demonstrates Infralab’s Model POWER PODIUM focusing on its key features.

Watch the video here:  

Learn About the Specifications of Infralab’s Power  PA Podium:


Infralab’s PA Podium Model – POWER PODIUM

1) Goose Neck MIC / Collar MIC
2) Speakers
3) Sturdy Body
4) Sound Clarity & Reach
5) User Friendly

POWER  PODIUM Specifications:  

– Power Consumption 100W Power Supply ~230V/50Hz/~110V/60Hz
– Frequency Response 100Hz~16000Hz Rated Power 60W
– Inputs MIC1: -50dB ±2dB/680Ω
MIC2: -55dB±2dB/600Ω
Wireless MIC: -20dB + 2dB/50
AUX: -20dB ±2dB/10K Ω
– Output 1V/0dB
– Tone Controls:  Bass: ±10dB / Treble ±10dB Range 15-50m
– Dimensions:  580 (L) X 420 (W) X 1100 (H) mm Weight 29 Kg
– More Specification
1. One Gooseneck MIC & One lamp
2. 60W Rated Power Output
3. Aux Input, 2 MIC Inputs
4. Line Output & 1 REC Output

Infralab has engineered Power PA Podium with built-in PA system to address the alarming rate of vocal disorders among teachers / presenters.  Besides Power Podium, we also offer digital podium, interactive whiteboards, projectors, projection screens and visual presenters. To know more, please visit www.smartclassroomindia.com. For inquiries, drop your mail at infralabindia@gmail.com or call on +91-9813232101.

Public Addressing Podium Can Make a Difference in Classrooms

Firstly it is important to understand what is a public addressing podium exactly…

In a very simple term “podium” means a stand/dais/stage that is used by speakers to voice opinions/views for a short distance. Public Addressing Podium has same criterion, but with some advancement of technology. The P A podium helps the presenter to vocalize for each and every audience with clarity. These podiums have inbuilt amplifier which increases the sound, speaker and condenser microphone for the speaker and wireless handled microphone one for the speaker, if the speaker wants to speak by leaving the podium and another for the audience so the audience can interact with the speaker. There is one more equipment attached to the podium is an LED Flexible lamp for the clear visibility of the contents written on the paper on which presenter is vocalizing. All these audio equipments make the power of speech audible.

PA Podium_Smart Classroom Equipment

Public Addressing Podium

Most of the regular podiums do not entail such features; it rather performs as a stand to the speaker. The audio equipment will be arranged separately, but the sound quality will not be good. Student often complains about the distortion of sound. The PA podium is rather versatile here one does not need to speak forcefully. What is all required soft utterance which ultimately upkeep the energy level of the presenter/speaker.

This Power Podium has suitability for conference hall, corporate training, auditorium, seminar hall and classroom. There is no problem of getting tired, abruptive and low voice pitch, if a presenter is supposed to speak for long duration. The audience will not get bored and unmoved by the speech. Even, they will tend to show more interest by the voice quality. Hence, the purpose of the speaker will be served in an effective manner and the interest of the audience will be met exactly.

Have a quick look at some features of the PA Podium:-

  • No need to be forceful while vocalizing
  • Hassle Free product
  • Speak at ease mode
  • Meticulous and Sturdy design
  • Consists amplifier, speakers and microphone
  • Height alterable prototype
  • Gives the commanding power of speech
Public Addressing Podium_India

Put an end to vocal stress using PA Podium












Good voice pitch can stir the mind of an inattentive listener and even persuades to hear the presentation/speech. This is one-sided conversation where the speaker wants to express in words to the audience. In case, if the queries come out from the audience side, then we can provide them wireless microphone. The presenter will not get hard time while taking up queries from the audience side. Hence, we are able to hear both sides of the conversation.

Public addressing podium is quite manageable to use. It can be taken from one spot to another effortlessly. It comes in wooden or metal form in modern designs. Mostly, wooden podiums are provided in schools, colleges, universities, conference rooms and auditoriums. It provides options and suitability to select as per the requirement of the venue.


Stay Energetic Using PA Podium

Let’s have a glance at its benefits:-

  • Teachers and classrooms are accessorized with the public addressing system impressively.
  • Creates interest among students and the presenter as well.
  • Fosters two- sided communication.
  • Fair price product
  • No upkeep cost
  • One-time installation

Infralab provides state of the art podiums to fit-in the needs of clients. Besides public addressing podium, our range includes digital podium. In order to know prices and specifications, please call at +91-9813232101 or drop a mail at infralabindia@gmail.com.