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Technology in Teaching

Smart Classroom Equipments for Digital Teaching & Learnng from Anuj Prasher


  • 1. How to keep students wide awake & attentive in the classroom? TECHNOLOGY has answer: SMART CLASSROOMS
  • 2. Before taking the final call to the question….. Let’s study a few backdrops of traditional classrooms.
    – Poor Teacher’s Voice Audibility.
    -Teachers face blackboard and show back to students.
    -Maximum interaction with chalk and duster instead of students.
    -Once rubbed, all class notes are dead.
    -Referring book content is difficult.
    -Explaining experiments or 3D dimensional objects is a challenging task.
    -Visibility till the last bench is doubtful.
    -Delivering uniform lectures is not possible.
  • 3. As a result, students
  • 4. Teaching & Learning Experience becomes… but, don’t worry…….
  • 5. TECHNOLOGY is … LIFE LINE The Innovation. Smart Classrooms
  • 6. , How do they look like?
  • 7. First, get familiar with the components of a smart classroom: • Interactive Whiteboard • Visual Presenter /Document Camera• Projector • MIC • Speakers • Digital Podium
  • 8. Interactive Whiteboard: It is a replacement of traditional blackboard that writes with your finger instead of chalk. Runs with power supply; it has advanced software that facilitates “internet connectivity” , “library of geometric figures and general diagrams”, “annotation features”, “USB ports to connect with external devices”, “ save and share notes” and “record session” features . It comes in three technologies: INFRARED, OPTICAL & ELECTROMAGNETIC
  • 9. Visual Presenter: It is also called document camera; it enables instructors / teachers to share book content or real objects (2D or 3D) with all students in the classroom. Visual Presenter captures everything placed on its smooth surface and displays it on the projection screen or interactive whiteboard. The projected larger image helps connect teacher and student to the lesson more precisely and specifically. It has three variants: DESKTOP, GOOSENECK & PORTABLE
  • 10. PROJECTOR It is an equipment that transforms a small resolution signal into a high resolution projection through laser light. It has high lumens bulb that throws high intensity light on interactive whiteboard or projection screen for bright and big content (text, images or video). The device has buttons to adjust brightness as well as projection dimensions. This is must to have in a smart classroom. Many Brands are available like: BENQ, SHARP, SONY, DELL, Etc.
  • 11. Public Addressing System (MIC & Speakers) Isn’t it hard for teachers as well as students to reach and listen, respectively. It takes a lot of effort! MIC enables teachers to reach out even the last bench without stressing the vocal cords. Speakers enable students to listen to lectures attentively without any distraction from exteriors.
  • 12. DIGITAL PODIUM:  It is an advanced smart classroom equipment that integrates all the previous-mentioned hardware devices into one enclosure –podium. Digital Podium has a touch panel (which is a mini interactive board), whatever instructors write on it gets projected on projection screen. It has fixed visual presenter for teachers to refer real time content instantly. It has integrated public addressing system (amplifier, MIC and speakers) for quality sound effects. With this instructors can: Record, Save & Reproduce Lectures Preferred Brand: Infralab
  • 13. Gadgets are zero without human’s 100 % contribution What makes Smart Classroom concept successful and ensure 100% interaction between teacher & students? Equipments or Something else… let’s see..
  • 14. Q1: What if teacher does not know how to use computer?
  • 15. Q2: What if teacher is unfamiliar with internet?
  • 16. Q3: What if teacher does not have digital coursework content?
  • 17. Q4: What if teacher is resistant/lazy to practice technology?
  • 18. Q5: What if teacher does not know how to operate smart classroom equipments?
  • 19. This is reality! Smart Classrooms are a show-business for institutes to sell maximum seats. TEACHERS don’t get official training to use interactive whiteboards, visual presenters and digital podiums. Smart Classroom Equipments are just hanged on walls to brag about, but not to use.
  • 20. #TRAINING #Enforcement through mandate #Perfect Installation & Demonstration are the easy solutions to meet the challenges of implementing technology in education system.
  • 21. Let’s step together towards technology driven education system for more interactive teaching and more awake learning! To know more, please log onto www.smartclassroomindia.com