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What is the purpose of Visual Presenter?

This post is for all those teachers who have been searching to understand the purpose of a visual presenter in the classroom.
Answer is simple – Demonstrate and Teach

Students can absorb more from lectures if teachers teach lessons through real demonstration . And, it is possible through visual presenter.

If you want to learn “HOW” , then please watch the following presentation.


Visual Presenter

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Smart Classroom FAQ

Covering PAN India, We have transformed nearly 1000 schools into digital institutes. While delivering high end smart solutions to them, we had come across many questions  like:
Why do we need interactive whiteboards at the place of simple black boards? What is the utility of a visual presenter in a classroom? Which resolution projector should be used? Can we use a simple portable speaker cube or a pa podium? Why digital podium And, many such questions.

At our level we had cleared each doubt for our clients. And, for  prospective clients we would like to share this presentation so that they can get answers to similar queries.

Hope this presentation has helped you understand the basic utilities of smart classroom equipment.